Hello heli family!

In 2010, a time when we we were traveling to dozens or more of RC heli events around the country and world on almost a weekly basis, we saw a lack of instructional videos and lessons for the 3D flying community. At the time we decided to create "SmackTalk RC", the first video series of its kind made with the hardcore 3D heli pilot in mind. This was a time when long form video content was hard to come by on the Internet and distribution was a nightmare. At that time the longest video you could upload on YouTube was 15 minutes long, so we created a pay-per-view business model where users could come to our web site, purchase an hour long instructional episode for a few dollars and own that video file forever. Fast forward to over 40 hours of content later and SmackTalk RC became the most in-depth instructional resource for radio controlled helicopters. All in all, we ended up creating 30 full length episodes (usually around 45 to 60 minutes in length each), in addition to a beginners series called "Smack 101" and an all inclusive 3D series called "Learning 3D", with some others mixed in there as well.

Recently, our server has reached the end of its life and we were forced to shut down our web site. However, we realized that we were leaving thousands of customers hanging, unable to login to their account to watch their previously purchased downloads as well as guys wanting to come in and watch new episodes. So this left us with two choices; either put the content back up on a new server, new site and rebuild the entire back-end or simply give it away! All of it, for free!

We are incredibly happy to announce that as of now, the entire catalog of SmackTalk RC is live on our YouTube channel "SmackTalkRC", all 100% free. This includes every episode we have ever created, with the exception of episodes 31 and 32, which Bobby and Kyle did just last year... these are still available for purchase on our Vimeo channel. On our YouTube channel, you'll find over 40 hours of content, discussing literally everything RC helicopter related from nitro engine tuning to auto-rotations, machine setup, flying maneuvers, tick tocks, piroflips, you name it! As you watch, keep in mind that the bulk of this content was created from 2010 to 2012. The machine setups may be different now and we may look a bit different (SmackTalk started when Bobby was still a scrawny college kid and Bert still had a full head of hair) but all of the flying tips, maneuvers, and basics haven't changed one bit.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone for you who purchased and episode along the way. Having the ability to charge for each download allowed us to do this full time for many years, without the SmackTalk family purchasing each new episode the day it dropped, we absolutely would not have been able to create this series. So for that, we sincerely thank you.

We invite you to check out the episodes, learn a thing or two, have a laugh (there are some incredibly funny Doc Wing segments that will have you falling off your chair laughing) share with your heli friends and family, and spread the word. If these episodes help one person progress or get into flying, its all worth it.

Enjoy the show!

Bert Kammerer & Bobby Watts